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Kennis makes and changes small websites

Kennis will make you a small website or improve the small website that you have.  We make websites that clearly inform their visitors and are easy to use.  Our new websites are very low priced.  Existing websites are updated for a low cost.

Q.  Do you want a small, well-designed, low-cost website?
Q.  Do you have a small website that needs "overhauling"?
Q.  Do you need a small change made to your website?

If the above don't describe what you need, [C] Contact us and tell us what you want to achieve.

We are very used to talking to "non-technical" people, and avoid "jargon".  We're good at working out what you mean.

KitSites! websites

KitSites! websites are websites for small businesses and organisations who want a good-looking place on the Web to support their Business / Church / Project, and do not need something specially designed for them.  They also don't want to spend much money on their website.

Our low-cost rental websites are modern, well-designed, with pleasant colours (you decide which), and straightforward layouts which visitors find familiar and easy to use.  They are also rental websites, so they don't cost anywhere near as much as anybody else's.  You pay a low up-front fee, then a low monthly rental.

Our websites come in four basic models, for four different types of Client, which we adapt for your needs.  Each "kitset website model" is a "complete" website, not just three or five pages.  They have the number of pages you need, whatever that is.  That could be fifteen, or could be over thirty.  It's the same price, no matter how many pages you need.

There are plenty of "We'll design a great website specially for you!" businesses out there.  We aren't one of those.  There are plenty of "budget website" business out there too, offering three, five or (wow) seven pages.  We aren't one of those either.  Go to our KitSites! website and see.

Please don't go elsewhere if the kind of website you need doesn't seem to be there.  Use the Enquiry or Contact Us pages, or email us, to tell us what you are looking for.  Our websites are generated by our KitSites! computer system.  Because we wrote that software, we can change it to do whatever we want.   It might not take much effort to add something to generate what you need. And it would probably not cost you anything.

You tell us what you need, we generate the pages, you send us your text and images, and our computer adds them to those pages.  Then it's all sent up to the Internet and the job's done.  It's really that simple.

While we're doing it we'll suggest what else you might need.  You might need help.  If you have no idea what to do, that's fine.  We'll help you through it.  The set-up price is fixed, no matter how much work we do. 

Website Overhaulin'

Our website Overhaulin' service is for the small business or organisation which has an old-fashioned or out of date website that doesn't perform well.  We overhaul "old technology" websites that perform badly, creating fresh websites that perform excellently.

Your website is your "virtual showroom", your "instant brochure".  If pages don't display instantly, or don't show clearly what you are offering, then you've got a "virtual boat anchor" that does nothing for your company.  Or it's a "cyber-dunger" that actually makes the company look bad.

We shine up what you see, and tune up "what's under the hood".  Your little website becomes a performance machine that is perfectly tuned to the needs of your company it represents.  It is fast-loading,  attractive,  easy to read,  easy to use,  with the current information your customers want to find.

"Minor Mods"

Minor Modifications can be done to most websites without much cost.  However, we have to point out that the job of setting it up so that we can make those changes can be time-consuming and therefore expensive.  [C] Contact us, tell us your problem, and we'll advise you if and how we can help.

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