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Advanced Revelation Specialists

We have been Advanced Revelation® (ARev) software consultants, supporting ARev systems since the early '90s.

We have created tools and utilities in Advanced Revelation that make the support of any ARev system simpler, quicker and as hassle-free as possible.

Kennis can help you, whatever Advanced Revelation based computer system you have.  [C] Contact us.

How can Kennis help you?

Are you using an Advanced Revelation based computer system?  We have the ARev knowledge and expertise to help anyone using such a system.

You may be a user of the system, or a business manager, or you may have a more technical background, for example, an analyst, an applications programmer, or be in a systems support role, or on help desk.

But you need extra or indepth ARev expertise to help you resolve your problem or need.

Your problem may be:

  • You are having problems running your ARev system on Vista or Windows 7
  • You need to create some documentation about your system.  We'll find out how it works and document it.
  • You have some new staff, and you need some training documentation created.  We'll find out how it works and document it.
  • You need help to modify or review your system's functionality.  We'll change it.
  • Your system works fine, but "the boss" or "company strategy" says it must be on a Windows-based platform, so you need it to work like Windows applications do so that staff don't have to be trained specially for your system.  We can do that, and don't have to re-create your whole system!
  • You have to migrate your system to a Windows-based platform, but don't want to lose years of investment in your ARev system.  Is there a migration path from Arev?  Yes there is - AREV32!
  • You need to make a change but you are unable to find the latest source version of the current program(s): you need help to reconstruct the source and make the change.  We can decompile most programs.

Kennis can help you with all these problems.  [C] Contact us.

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