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Website Overhaulin'

Kennis Website Overhaulin' is for those small companies who have old websites that don't perform well.

What Are Websites Made Of?

Special "instructions" tell a browser (Internet Explorer and Firefox are "browsers") where on the screen the text and pictures should go, and how they should look.  Websites are just a set of files containing instructions, text, and pictures.

The number of different instructions was small when websites were first invented.  Early websites looked very simple and were difficult to create.  Later, they added more instructions and replaced some, but it was still difficult.  Even the current set of instructions doesn't make everything easy.  More improvements are being planned.

With the modern tools and browsers, and the improved skills of website developers, websites look much better, and developing them is no longer such a struggle.

Why You Need "Initial Conversion"

You can't create a modern-looking website using the old instructions.  The old ones are limited in what they can do.  Some of the old ones are obsolete and shouldn't be used any more.  When a developer is hired to overhaul an old website, the first job is to overhaul the old instructions.

Old instructions must first be converted to new ones, in what is called the "Initial Conversion".  People wanting big changes are going to have to bite that bullet hard.  Initial Conversion takes a long time, and so is expensive.  You will see below, however, that Kennis has found a way of reducing that cost by a lot.

Which Type Is Best?

Scrap and Start Again

The developer's instinct will be to tear it all apart and redo it.  That's easiest for them.  They take out the text and the pictures, and then write new instructions for displaying them.  Having done that, it will look hardly any different.  It displays on the screen faster, and it is now easy to make those changes you need, but it will have cost you a lot of money and nothing has changed yet.

Rewrite Carefully

Alternatively, the developer could replace all the old-style instructions with the modern ones, line by line.  This is extremely tedious and the developer is certain to make errors because of that.  This alternative is likely to cost less, but still a lot of money.  The changed instructions will definitely contain some errors, some discovered during testing, some when your potential customers are using it, and some the next time you make changes.

Convert by Computer

We at Kennis took a unique third approach.  Unlike almost all website developers, we have 30 years experience of writing professional computer software.  Learning how to create websites was just a matter of learning some more languages, and how to use them competently.

We looked at the "Rewrite Carefully" method, and decided it would work well if you could avoid the boredom and subsequent errors.  To get around that, we wrote some very advanced software so that our computer could do it instead of us.  Computers are fast, never get bored, and never make errors.

Using a computer means that it takes less time, and costs you a lot less money, before you get to the point of starting on those changes you need.

That's the first difference between Kennis and the others.  Our Initial Conversion costs are much lower.

What changes do you need?

"What changes do you need?" is a different question from "What changes do you want?".  If we did what you wanted, it would look bad, or okay, but it wouldn't look good.  Writing for the web is a special skill.  We worked long and hard to learn it.  It's important to find out what you need.

We will be asking the following 5 questions about your company/organisation. 

  1. What are your aims?
  2. What are your abilities?
  3. What are your limitations?
  4. Where do you operate?
  5. What are the "points of difference" between you and others like you?

We will be asking the following 5 questions about your website. 

  1. Generally, why do you want changes?
  2. Specifically, what things are wrong?
  3. What do you want removing?
  4. What do you want changing?
  5. What do you want adding?

Before you contact us, try and think about all of these questions.

You may not know exactly - or even at all - what you actually want changing.  It just looks wrong.  That's okay.  We'll show you how to work it out.

You and Kennis, we're a team

Our way of operating is to work as a kind of team or partnership with you.  It's a team formed for one special task - take your website and change it so that it looks "right".

In a team, everyone has different skills.  You probably think that you don't have any useful skills, but it's you that knows what your company does and wants to say to potential customers.  We don't.  Only you will know when the website looks "right".  So your role in the team is to provide information, ideas and pictures.

Our skills are in knowing how to take information, ideas and pictures, and rework them so that they read well and look good on a webpage.  We also know how to write the instructions for achieving that.

You and we work together, but the final decision about what happens to your website is yours.

How It's Done

Firstly, tell us what you want to achieve, and about any ideas that you have for achieving that.

We will ask questions until we are sure we understand you.

Then we'll start suggesting changes that will achieve what you want and that we know will work.

You are going to need to see what the suggested changes will look like.  Creating and changing webpages takes a lot of time and so is expensive.  Instead of doing that, we use image software to create PDF snapshots of the proposed webpages and send those to you.

Next we all work together on the designs until they do what you want to achieve.

Only when everyone is happy with the results will we at Kennis start creating or changing any webpages.  The expensive business of writing instructions is kept to a minimum.  That keeps your cost down to the lowest possible.

When it's done, you will have been part of the team that changed your website.  Kennis didn't do it all for you.  You will know why everything is there.  You had the final say on everything.  It's your website, and it will work well for you.

That's the other difference between Kennis and the others.  We work with you, not for you.

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